BullBear Index

The Daily Snapshot newsletter has been designed by F.A.M.C. Ltd as being an odds trend tool, it includes our unique property BullBear Index indicator.

The aim of this daily snapshot is to highlight current odds on the currency pair, taking advantage of the long-term trend and applying its statistical probability for better entries/exists.

The Daily Snapshot is not an automatic system, nor the holy-grail system, it is a synopsis view of many technical indicators highlighting the odds of the trend.

The Daily Snapshot is composed of three trend odds statistics display, all of them based on the daily price action:

(1) The Trend Bar – situated above the chart – display the daily odds of the trend on the bar chart

  • Red Bars highlights a bearish trend odd cycle.
  • Dark Red Bars highlights a potential reversal inside a bearish trend odd cycle.
  • Dark Green Bars highlights a potential reversal inside a bullish trend odd cycle.
  • Green Bars highlights a bullish trend odd cycle.

(2) The Bull / Bear Index



  • It summarizes the numbers of indicators in favor of a bull or a bearish trend.
  • The Bull sum-up all current bullish indicators
  • The Bear sum-up all current bearish indicators

(3) The Trend Odds bar – situated below the chart – display the long-term odds of the currency pair

  • In Green for bullish trend
  • In Red for bearish trend


Click on the right to discover our property BearBull index – Snapshot 15.06.2012.